Who we are, what we do and the passion we bring creates something very special.
This is us and we are Sparks.


We're a diverse team of strategists, project managers, designers and digital specialists who combine creativity with critical thinking to solve our clients' communication challenges.

We strategise, design, prototype and build products and experiences for clients with a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of employees. It's this unique combination of skills that allows us to deliver award-winning work.


Our experience in pensions gives us detailed knowledge about the complex, ever-changing financial services industry.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide technical communications in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand.


We work with market-leading brands to bring creativity and innovation to communication challenges. Using data and insight to understand audiences we will explore all the channels available to give members what they need in surprising ways that encourage interaction.


Our communications are created with accessibility in mind, testing for screen-reader capabilities and developing websites to AA standards. We’ll make sure that your whole audience can access the information they need.


We believe that a successful partnership is built on a strong understanding of our clients and a close working relationship. We like clients to consider us as an extension of their team.

You wouldn't appoint someone to communicate for you if you couldn't trust them to communicate with you. Face-to-face, screen-to-screen, inbox-to-inbox, we'll keep you informed and involved at all times.

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