Starting your pension powwow

Watch the recording from our recent webinar aimed at starting your Pension Powwow and getting your members talking about pensions.

We discuss how you can:

  • Understand your members using segmentation and behavioural psychology (nudge) to best effect.
  • Use digital communications by harnessing social media, email marketing and writing for web.
  • Connect with digitally engaged pensioners.
  • Protect members from scams using effective communications.
  • Get the most out of online engagement.

Get talking about pensions

Engaging and talking to members is key to help them get better outcomes. We want to get members to see pensions differently and to do that we need to look at the conversations we have with members in a new light.

Are your members’ investments in keeping with their views on climate change or corporate behaviour? What do your members know and think about ethical investments? Have they got any lost pension pots out there? How can they protect themselves from scams?

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