We create two large campaigns for Teachers’ Pensions annually that aim to encourage interaction with the Teachers' Pensions brand. The focus is to drive awareness with specific audiences.

In 2018 we ran with a social media led campaign aimed at 21-40 age group. The campaign centred on what Teachers enjoyed doing after school and how Teachers’ Pensions could help them continue doing what they love when they retired (which also happens to be after school) therefore taking the focus away from pensions and moving it towards a life styling message.

Social media content was generated in the form of ‘boomerang’ videos, clear interesting campaign hooks, organic posts as conversation starters and voting polls. As members engaged with the social media activity, further campaign materials (such as eshots) were designed around these most successful interactions creating a truly integrated campaign drawing attention to the Teachers’ Pensions brand, their social media presence as well as promoting the benefits of saving for retirement.